Azelio on how Cumulus BI Contributed to Better Governance.

The energy company Azelio used, like many other companies, long Excel documents for budget and forecast work. Based on the great size of the company, Azelio perceived their Excel solution as complex and that it created a poor overview of the business. As a solution to the problem, Azelio chose Binovi’s Cumulus BI service to make it easier to create and monitor their budget and forecast.

– Previously, we only worked with Excel files that we had to send back and forth. With the number of departments and projects, it becomes very complex to keep this updated and be able to get an up-to-date status. We have reduced the workload and gained a greater understanding of our organisation to be able to follow up, view and create forecasts. It has been an advantage to be able to work like this, explains Henrik Ekström, Financial Controller at Azelio.

Binovi has developed the service Cumulus BI that helps companies with budgeting, forecasting and monitoring. With Cumulus BI, you can easily monitor data and get an overall picture early in the process. Henrik Ekström believes that the service has made it easier for the company’s employees who can now more easily follow up on forecasts and budgets and analyze outcomes.

– We have been able to get a much better overview of the forecast and what will happen in the future. Both at the account level and also at a total overall level and we have been able to forecast our profit and loss in a much better way. And the fact that it is a cloud-based service means that everything is always available to everyone, and we do not have to spend a lot of time sending documents and updating the data, says Henrik Ekström.

Quality assured process
In addition to budgeting and forecasting, Azelio uses Cumulus BI for line and project follow-up. Henrik Ekström explains how the service has contributed to better internal control and how it is a cost-effective alternative compared to other tools on the market.

– I feel that it has streamlined our work in finance immensely and that users get a much better overview of outcomes and forecasts in relation to the budget. We also have a much better quality assurance process in the form of not having 500 Excel files where various problems can occur. It is easier to know our status today, says Henrik Ekström.

Binovi’s support
Azelio has been using Cumulus BI for just over two years. Henrik Ekström believes that the service is highly appreciated by the company’s employees who have easily adopted the tool. If questions arise, Binovi is always available for support.

– We are very satisfied with the support and possibility to contact Binovi for help. We are pleased that we have been able to develop our solution in Cumulus BI. We have made a lot of demands and requests and have been met positively by Binovi’s staff, concludes Henrik Ekström.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Cumulus BI has helped us create greater flexibility. It has facilitated the management of currency and made it easier for each unit to get an overall sense of the budget early in the process.

Joakim Alfredsson

CFO, Formpipe

We got a lot of support so it went smooth. They have helped to adapt the service to our needs and requirements. And they are very helpful at short notice. It can even be a completely new development that they solve on the same day.

Anders Rees

CFO, Urbaser

Cumulus BI is more flexible than sending lots of Excel files back and forth and keeping track of who made what changes. Now it is easy for me to check what has been changed.

Jonas Rodling

Director Business Controller, Plantagen