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Cumulus BI Cut Opus Bilprovning’s Cost in Half

There are several services on the market to help companies with reporting, follow-up, and planning. For the car inspection company Opus Bilprovning, Binovi’s service Cumulus BI was an affordable solution without any functional compromises. By switching their existing system to CBI, Opus Bilprovning was able to half their cost while still maintaining functionality,” says Lena Rosén, controller at Opus Bilprovning.

– We were pleased with our previous system, from a large American supplier, but the price model was cumbersome, and we were not able to maximize the system without unreasonable expenses. During 2020 we therefore started to explore alternative solutions and when Binovi offered a service with similar functionality, with a lower price, the choice was simple.

More Powerful Data Analysis
Opus Bilprovning have used Cumulus BI for a year and are pleased with Binovi as a supplier and Cumulus BI as a solution. Out of the company’s approximately 500 employees, about 100 use the system; among them station managers and regional managers within the production unit, as well as personnel in the central staff including finance, IT and HR departments.

– The users are satisfied and many of them think that Cumulus BI works better than our previous system in some regards. For instance, CBI has a powerful function for analyzing data, which facilitates reporting and budget process,” says Lena Rosén.

Quick and Easy Implementation
The implementation of CBI went quickly and smoothly.

– Since we already had an existing solution, we had a huge advantage when transferring to Cumulus BI because we knew what we wanted, says Lena Rosén. Existing integrations between business systems and the previous solution could easily be redirected to supply CBI with data. Further, Binovi built modules for reporting, analysis, and budgeting.

Since Cumulus BI’s introduction, Lena Rosén and her colleagues have extended and refined the solution with support of Binovi.

– I can manage easy adjustments on my own, but for more comprehensive changes I ask Binovi for help and assistants. But that depends more on me than on the system; I am the only controller in the company and have a lot on my plate. It is therefore a comfort to have Binovi’s support near hand for quick help if necessary. At the times that we do need support, they are fast and service minded, concludes Lena Rosén.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Cumulus BI has helped us create greater flexibility. It has facilitated the management of currency and made it easier for each unit to get an overall sense of the budget early in the process.

Joakim Alfredsson

CFO, Formpipe

We got a lot of support so it went smooth. They have helped to adapt the service to our needs and requirements. And they are very helpful at short notice. It can even be a completely new development that they solve on the same day.

Anders Rees

CFO, Urbaser

Cumulus BI is easy to use, it is easy to change and you can set up the structure yourself. If we want to add account names, we easily do it ourselves, so I would definitely recommend the service to other companies

Maria Gustafsson

Business Controller, B3