Cumulus BI at Webhallen

We are happy to announce that Webhallen has chosen Cumulus BI for follow-up and planning.

About Webhallen

Webhallen Sverige AB as a concept was founded in 1999 in a small apartment in central Stockholm and has grown in a short time to today be one of Sweden’s leading retailers in hardware, home electronics, gadgets, games and film. Read more at


We welcome Azelio for choosing Cumulus BI as a tool for follow-up, budget and forecasting.

About Azelio

Azelio is a Swedish company working with solutions for storage of renewable energy. Azelio is headquartered in Gothenburg and works with the whole world as a market. Read more at

Strong growth for Cumulus BI in 2021

After summarizing the past year, we are pleased to note that the number of users of Cumulus BI is growing by 54% compared to 2020.


CBI grows outside Sweden and thanks Plantagen for choosing CBI for its budget and forecasting process.

About Plantagen
The first Plantagen store opened in Norway a little more than 35 years ago. Today, they have 2400 employees and are located in more than 130 locations around the Nordic region. Read more at

Welcome B3

Thank you and welcome B3 as users of CBI for rolling forecast and budgeting processes.

About B3
B3 helps companies and organizations to create tomorrow’s opportunities with the help of digital transformation and business development. B3 is a strategic partner to several of Sweden’s largest companies and organizations and is in 11 locations in Sweden and Poland. Read more at

Opus up and running with CBI

We welcome Opus as a new user of CBI for business follow-up, budgeting and planning.

About Opus Bilprovning
Opus Bilprovning is one of Sweden’s largest inspection companies and is located at 94 locations in the country, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. Nearly two million vehicles are inspected yearly in Sweden. Read more at

Partnership with SystemPartner

We welcome SystemPartner as a partner to Binovi and look forward to future collaboration. SystemPartner will, together with Binovi, within the framework of this collaboration offer Cumulus BI to its customers. With this collaboration, Binovi will have a stronger presence in West Sweden and Norway.

About SystemPartner
SystemPartner helps companies with simple and affordable software, including support, consulting and integration. Read more at

Welcome Formpipe

We thank and welcome Formpipe for choosing CBI for budget, forecast and monthly reporting.

Om Formpipe
Formpipe combines a local presence with a global reach, with over 500 customers in the public sector in Sweden and Denmark and over 5000 customers in the private sector worldwide. They have helped to digitize industries and know information management through all steps.Read more at

Binovi delivers solution to VNV Global

Binovi has delivered a solution based on Cumulus BI that streamlines reporting processes to VNV Global.

About VNV Global
VNV invest in high-growth technology companies with the potential to become global leaders. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience, VNV are passionate about turning visionary business ideas into enduring realities.

Kiitos Urbaser Finland

We thank Urbaser Finland for choosing CBI as reporting solution and thus becoming Binovi’s first customer outside Sweden’s borders. Just over a year ago, Urbaser Sverige started using CBI and now we also welcome Finland to the family.

Back on Di Controller

We are back again at Di Controller. Come by and talk to us and let us explain how we can help you improve your reporting and planning. #dicontroller

CBI at Verksamhetsstyrning 2.0

This year we will be attending verksamhetsstyrning 2.0. We are looking forward to meeting you and explain more about how we can help you with streamlining your budgeting process. Read more about the event at

CBI in depth

Thursday 13th of February we welcome our registered participants to a free training session in CBI. Focus will this time be on building your own dashboards.

CBI + Revent = True

In 1958 Revent invented the first oven, in 2019 we were honored to introduce Revent as a user of CBI, welcome!

About Revent International
They started in the early 1950´s and since Revent has become the oven manufacturer with the highest sales in the world. Today they are represented in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and North America. Read more at

CBI gears up with Mabi

We are thankful to welcome Mabi whom has chosen to use CBI as a tool for budget and planning.

About Mabi Car Rentals
Mabi Car Rentals is part of the Hedin Car Group and is one of Sweden’s largest individual car rental companies and today conducts car rental at more than 100 locations, airports and central stations. Read more at

The fall kickoff went downhill

At Binovi we love cycling in everyday life, so we snapped on a helmet and protective gear and went off in the challenging but fun downhill tracks in Sälen. Some of us even tried to ride the bike uphill…


We have now landed in our new office in the heart of Södermalm. Curious? Come over and meet us over a coffee and get a demo of CBI.

Urbaser up and running with CBI

We are pleased that an important player in the society has chosen to use CBI as business reporting solution.

About Urbaser AB
Urbaser AB has its parent company in Spain and the group is the third largest supplier of environmental services in Europe. They also have comparable operations in Asia, North Africa and South America. In Sweden, they are one of the leading private players in the collection and transport of source-sorted household waste from municipalities and municipal companies.